• Whether formed through adoption or foster care, multi-ethnic and multi-racial families have the unique responsibility of nurturing their children in cultures and traditions often very different from the ones in which they grew up themselves.  To support families in this important work, Kaleidoscope Culture Camp provides a fun, nurturing environment where children spend a week with others who share their racial/ethnic identity.

Through crafts, music, language, play and cultural immersion campers develop a deeper awareness of who they are.  Kaleidoscope Culture Camp is also a great chance for siblings whose brother or sister’s racial/ethnic identity is different from theirs.  Here, side-by-side with their siblings and other children like them, they learn more about and appreciate the unique mix of influences present in their family.

A special benefit of Kaleidoscope Culture Camp is the simultaneous presence of many cultural and racial experiences.  Campers not only spend their days with others who share their heritage, but also with children from other backgrounds.  So, they not only learn more about themselves, but the rich diversity of experiences all around them.  Each day, lunch features foods from the different home camp traditions.   The week concludes with an Open House, in which children visit all the camps and see what their fellow campers have been learning and creating.  The closing Parade and Finale brings the entire camp and their families together for a fun celebration of the week’s work.

We’re still working on the details for this summer’s camp. More info to come soon.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, donations to CAFFA and Kaleidoscope Culture Camp are tax deductible.  If you’d like to make a donation to sponsor a child who can not afford to attend culture camp, please make your check payable to CAFFA and mail to:
3223 Lake Avenue
Unit 15C-137
Wilmette, IL 60091-1069
To receive documentation for tax purposes, please include your mailing address and / or email address.  Thank you!